Friday, April 28, 2017

into the black by chromatics

Hold on, darling This body is yours, This body is yours and mine Well hold on, my darling This mess was yours, Now your mess is mine

everyone is struggling in our own ways..
who are we to say theyre faking it..?
maybe when they said theyre empty and in pain,
theyre not really thirsty for attention
maybe they are literally....feeling hollow...

what if i say ive been there?
will you say I'm  being over-reacting?
will you say I'm tryna draw attention to myself?
will you say I'm  ..being tak rilek?

see, things you say
especially responds you give when someone said what they feel
i cant extremely make you understand how important those words are
sometimes those words are what define the person's actions next

my heart literally feels the pain
when justin was begging jessica to forgive him
and to hear him out

ive been there
swallowing my regret 
and begging for love and sympathy to hear me out
to give me a second chance

life's so complicated
to make it simple..just be kind, appreciate everyone, never take people for granted
most importantly, never take someone's trust for granted

i never actually knows what I'm  gonna blog everytime i start typing
but everytime I'm  ending heart and mind revert back to Him
i gues it's lucky to be in beautiful religion where you have Him who will never ever ever leave you alone in darkness
all you have to do is

so if you- or anyone out there is feeling so hollow
so empty
so angry and regretful to the point you hate hate hate yourself
to the point you physically hurt yourself to punish your doings and decisions
to the point you sleep all the time hoping it's a dream
to the point you desperately hope to turn back time..
kneel down and say your prayers
He saved me..He'll save you too .

you cant love someone back to life
but you being afraid to love someone can cost his life.

Talk...and also listen.

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