Tuesday, April 25, 2017

100% is risk

lets be honest here

one of the things i occassionally thought and wished is for someone to rely on
someone special
so that

whenever i have mood swings, i know who to call
whenever i see a sweet advertisement, i know who to snapchat to
whenever i see a post that's so cute and funny, i know who to tag
whenever theres a new romantic movie in the cinema, i know who to have a movie date with
whenever I'm  feeling like baking, i know who to invite
whenever I'm  crying of stress, i know who to rant to
whenever i read a book so relatable, i know who to talk to
whenever i needed a company at 3am, i know who to facetime with
whenever I'm  feeling angry, i know who i can be express to without getting judged
whenever I'm  indecisive, i know who to seek advices from
whenever I'm  hungry, iknow who'll be my driver for late night food hunting

you know...a person you can do everything with
a person you'll rely..100%
a person you can trust 100%
a person you are sure will never leave you ever

that's the risk
people change their minds
and loyalty is not as easy as ABC

thsi is what they say as fear of falling in love
I'm having that fear
I'm  restraining myself frm giving my all to the community
maybe? idk

but- the risk is when you give your all...because there will always be a smallest percentage of 2% that it will not be like what you hope for
sometiems reality is not as sweet as cotton candy
sometimes....what we want is not what actually is planned for

thats why when you're having that thought-
think of Allah
as He will surely surely surely 1000000% will never leave you.

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