Monday, February 20, 2017

the best i can do

i see you today
you waved at me
from across the street
made me felt happy for days in a row

i see you today
studying at the table behind me
took me all of my courage
to say hi before i leave the place
we talked for 10 mins - or more
we talked about teeth
weird topic, but made me smile

i see you today
in the crowd
talking to everyone
except me
too shy...i kept quiet and let time passed by
next thing i knew,
I'm  taking my coat off the hook and head back
without saying hi to you

we eat together today
and cooked in your kitchen
yet i cant hold a conversation with you
whenever it was the only two of us
i find myself going away from the kitchen
and let myself be drowned by the crowd
in the dining room
kept quiet
and two times- people asked me to speak up
and questioned why am i so silent today

i guess it's getting on me
i hate myself
for not being able to go with so much confident
how can people be themseves with a crowd they are not familiar with?
i hate this

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