Sunday, January 29, 2017

two of everything

used to be alone, then companied, then alone again
used to be invisible, then needed, then invisible again
used to be vacant, then occupied, then vacant again
used to be plain, then wild, and back to plain

used to be independent, then dependent, and independent again
used to be always here, then gone, and back here
used to be free and easy, then busy, and free again
used to be practical, then complicated, and now practical

which version do you prefer?
you get to choose
which life
and how you want to view
your life
your call
your option
your decision
wtv you decide..
make sure you are happy
YOU are happy with it.
only then, you will BE happy.

Life will always give you options
right or left
yes or no
stay..or leave
life even let you decide on how to see your life
life give you opportunity to see bad phase from a positive perspective
so why do you stay pessimistic about life?
Life had given you enough
you're not mking the full use of your chances to choose

hidup itu kan satu kitaran roda
sekejap kita kat atas
kemudian di bawah
sekejap kita bahagia
kemudian duka
sekejap berteman
kemudian sepi

....or can it be
sekejap duka kemudian tawa
sekejap di bawah kemudian di atas
sekejap sepi....kemudian berteman

it's a wheel..why focus on half of the circle only?
it'll turn around...and it'll turn around
give it time and eveything will be okay insyaAllah
not to mention
it's He The Greater Planner that plans our life
how wrong can it be

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