Monday, January 16, 2017

the invisible sufferer

"..some people talk about heartbreaks..when they'd never even been to the neighbourhood.."

It sucks when you try to help someone but to no avail.
To convince that you do understand without telling them about your story. How can you tell them? You want to start fresh, you want to forget and forgive. You want to move on and open a new chapter.
However, even without me talking, stories are spread. Rumours are told, names are mentioned. Storied retold. Revamp, remade. It is never easy to start new. Even if you flew 10,576 km away...your story is a part of you. It will haunt you, people define you with the story they heard. In times like this, there's only one thing to help you walk with your chin held high up, with your pride whole and just, YOU do not define yourself with whatever is spread. YOU believe in the good values in you. YOU do better and YOU be you. It's YOU who matter. You don't need to convince other people whose fault it was, you do not owe an explanation of why you did what you did, because given time can be reversed, i know i have no regrets and i have nothing to change. Things happened because thats the best. at that time, it was all a blur and i regret. BUt now, giving it space and time, i can see it that it happened else can it happen? it's fated, it's the best. hence, it's you, yourself. Not the other people, esp not those who does not even know the sufferings you went through. Because baby oh baby...they do not know the art of heartbreaks. They do not fathom the pain of peeling another layer of yourself to discover the gem inside. They do not understand your reasonings.....they do not know the circumstances that drove you to decide such things. Okay I'm  getting a bit defensive here- lets get back to the main topic.

but...whats the main topic again? Gee're losing it. I guess i jus felt like ranting after so long!

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