Monday, September 12, 2016

to share sadness with yr friends is easier than sharing their happiness ..while you being sad. agree ? 

this is because
to forget our joy and join in our friend's
can be done 

all we need to do is being considerate. 

to forget our sadness?
and put on a smile for a friend of ours that achieve something we do not get? 
that is hard 
it's like being happy for something we know we shd also share that part of joy , but we don't. 
it's like being reminded that they did it, but we failed. 
it's like admitting that doing that is so possible, but we did not manage to do that while our friends did. 
it's like .....seeing others celebrating our failure :-( 
and dissapointment is all we can see in the mirror 

so do you agree, 
being happy for other people is harder than sharing their sorrow? 

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