Friday, July 22, 2016

it cant be for more than 20 years - 

there's a fire of anger inside of her
small, but blazing ball of flame
it had been there for less than 20 years
for how many - not one knows
even herself cannot make out the significance 
of the energy in her life

everytime she sees them,
the anger will arise
sometimes it turns to pity
and understanding
but when it's the turn of irritation
it's so hard to control and reason with herself

she create conversations
and lamentations
to fire 
any day
one day
hopefully -

but the strength to do so
is beyond her capabilities
she often keep it quiet and
deal with it to sleep

she composed a note
not a letter
never a letter
for she knows, it is hrd to get trough
hence why the trouble

a note of what not to do once she becomes them
a note to remind her of who she -doesnt- want to grow up as
a note so she will not forget the hatred and anger...she feels
not for revenge, but for lessons
in order for her to become better person in days to come
in order for her to not become like ...them.

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