Monday, June 6, 2016

obligations- with the wrong person at worng timing; it's burden, yes?

sometimes it feels nice to know you can tell and talk without having that nudging feeling in yr stomach that ..he is burdened by what you want to share

it is always good knowing someone will always be there if you need a listener
or..a supporter..
someone who can tell you that you're doing something wrong
and that you should not let yr emotions override yr rationality

to tell without making someone obliged..thats my personal objective.
without making someone turning their back onto me
without having that guilt for making someone feel like they neeeeed to help me
someone who is willing to be there
willing to hear
willing to tell me to tell
willing to actually spend their time..for me
without the goddamn feeling of obligations.
no obligations.
nobody is obliged to me if they do not want to.
please- go if you feel like you neeeeeeeeed to but you don't want to.

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