Thursday, May 5, 2016

i used to think of you as a part of myself
too immersed in the idea of togetherness-
that seperation is never an option

i used to believe we will always stay together
despite the rumours and hatred
we will make it through

little did i know
little did we know

we are not completing each other
in fact-
we are taking away ourselves from Our creator, our owner
distance is growing between me and Him
with the joy I had with you, forgetting Him is so easy

i guess He must've missed me
that is why He summon me back to Him
that is why He took you away from me
so that i realise, i am always His
never yours
always His
i am His property and therefore what He says I must obey

He call me home
those sadness I was too immersed in, i thought He was punishing me
when all He did was just helping me to get back on track
all those tears as i deny His callings
all those pain I thought i suffer because of what He took from me
was actually because of my refusal to hear His commands
how can i ever be so arrogant

thank you Allah
for listening to my prayers
and thank you for
being so patient with me

don't You ever let me go
I know You won't,
but don't you plant that doubtness in my heart

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Anonymous said...

Good to hear you happy and staying close to your Creator :)