Friday, December 25, 2015


people lie.

people tell what we want to hear what they think is enough for us at that moment.
eventually feelings change and those once true promises turn into lies with every decision they made that drive them away from us.
it's okay. because people lie -

the hard thing is when you realsie you're not able to trust anyone ever so easily like you used to be.
you cant help but being cautious everytime theres a chance of falling in love.
you cant help but be very skeptical on those promises they made to you
you doubt and you ever again.
just not the same as how you trusted that one person before.
because now, they talk to everyone like they used to talk to you.
they flirt with everyone like they flirted with you.
they made promises to everyone like how they promised you.
they tell everyone lies, sweet sweet lies, just like how they told you before.
they give everyone presents so they will feel special, like how they made you so special before.
theyre all lies....
theyre all lies.. when they said you guys would last infinitely, they lie. when they said you're the one, you're the special one, they lied.
and the most saddest part is that, theyre happy now....without a trace of regret.
even if there is, they don't show them
because theyre..strong to leave and live.
and you're left feeling worthless and .........useless.
maybe it's true - nobody will ever love you, even yourself.
things change and feelings fade.
things change.....and feelings fade....
people forget....prople forget how they used to love us.
it's okay...
because people lie.

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