Thursday, December 24, 2015


2015 taught me a lot. but one of them is thAt, people make mistakes, therefore second chances are valid. 

if we love someone, we should never walk away. we should wait for them to realise that we really love them. 

if someone that we love lie to us, they cheat on us. don't leave them. wait for them. wait until they realise they're making a mistake by going away. wait until they come back to us. love should never fail to keep two people together, only if it's love. and if it's love, forgiving them will be easy because ..people make mistakes. and it's worth it to give them a second chance ...because it's love, right? 

but i gave you so many chances..still you keep on lying to me. i left you once when i found happiness without you. and not even thinking twice, you moved on and left me alone with all the promises. yes, i said the promises are stupid..but i don't mean them that way. i said tht to myself because i was afraid you were lying. it didnt take you much time to forget what i once meant to you. didnt take you long to act all heartless when i came begging for my second chance. suddenly all those second chances that i gave were not enough for you to give me my ONE AND ONLY second chance i ever asked. why? is it because I'm not worth it? why didnt you wait for me ? if you read this, answer pls. eventhough I'm blissfully okay without an answer,    but i guess it'll be a good closure for my year 2015. 

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