Saturday, November 21, 2015

you were not there during my first heartbreak.
it wasn't you who comfort me during those nights i banged my head for stupidity
you did not take me into yr arms to tell me it's alright
you walked around me as if I'm  revolving fine without friction
you were not here with me cursing for the fate I did not accept at those time
it wasn't your attention I'm  craving, it was you
you thought i grew up to be a good and happy girl
when you have no hint of that dark side of my life
you told me that i can be whoever i want to be
but you expected me to be like you
i wanted you to understand me deeper
and show that you do understand
i wanted to know if i do meant the world to you
i wanted to know if I'm worth your million dollars seconds

worst it that -
you did not even know i cried alone on my pillow in the room next to you

-manira 2002

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