Monday, October 26, 2015

Sometimes we gave up on people.
Sometimes we are so sure that we are always left behind, always being ditched..when the fact was that they never actually forget's just that we are so used to hope and expect so high from wrong people..
we thought they will always, literally always going to be there to hear our troubles and cries..
we expect them to drop everything they are doing when we call and wanted some company just because we are lonely at some of those nights..
we expect them to be willing to do anything for us..
we thought they will not mind spending their day just sitting beside us and hear us babble about life..
we thought they like our company for the whole day, 24/7 ..
because we used to expect that and we got what we hope for...from the other person
well here is a wake up call, not everybody will care for us like how that person did.
Now that he left, don't rush into finding a replacement
Things will fall into place. Give it time. He is the planner, thus His plan is always forever the best.

thing is, stop expecting the sam things from different people.

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