Friday, September 4, 2015

you remember the card you addressed to Rajawesry a/p Mohabbatein?
you remember the small cards you filled with lyrics and words..?
There's one that you wrote "if i act like a jerk,open this" and inside is an apology you said that I'm  not sure you mean it for now or those are just "sorry" at the time being...?
you remember the boxes that you used to placed a lot of presents and gifts for my bday?
you remember the polaroid of us during my first visit to your place?
the mark of a start of something new for us...the starting of all of these difficulties...
you remember the letter you wrote for my brthday? the one you claimed that you wished for things to be better? which i am begin to doubt if you really mean it now..
you remember? I'm  keeping them somewhere safe today...I cant look at them without having tht hole in my heart aching to be filled. I'm  boxing them away somewhere safe because my heart is suffocated with something invisible everytime I look at the stuffs.

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