Saturday, September 26, 2015

now i realised that, semua org perlukan semua orang. we are not good in living alone. we need companions , in good time and bad time. everybody does. it's just a matter of time to realise that. some ppl only realise when theyre having troubles. but hey, ppl make mistakes and we will not abandon these ppl just because they havent realise the importance of friends earlier. soemtimes we feel like we're being used by our friends. but, first, what is yr definition of being used ? if you're saying tht they are always asking us for help is definition of being used, than you're a lousy friend. a friend in need is a friend indeed. a friend asking for help is just a friend being a human. and we also shall play our role of being a decent one , we must help our friends. if you think theyre only there when they need something from you? then maybe it's a good time to do a fast reflection, huh? we get what we give. maybe ppl are acting like jerks because we are becoming like jerks. have you thought of tht? maybe not to the same grp of friends, but to some other friends. Allah might not show what our mistakes are immediately, but sometimes He do call us back to the right track, just that sometimes we decide to play the ignorant card. so hey, reflect okay? 

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