Thursday, September 17, 2015


"i can take this mistakes, can't take the ache frm heartbreaks"

i was never that huge of a fan of The Script, I listen to their songs, but never really heard it until that night I went to their concert and did some research on their songs. Every lyrics and every notes hit me hard. I remembered that night I jumped along with the crowds, singing loudly the songs on air, while tears streaked down my face..remembering what i was going through at that time. Their songs....they described me. "If I could turn bck time, i would rewrite those lines. Where's the good in goodbye?" Yes, where's the good aprt of this goodbye may I ask? Did you remember the long mailbox message I left in your phone taht night when I was desperately searching for some companion to hear me ranting in the dark..? And did you remember the long text you sent me...accusing me of being hypocrite and all other bad stuffs...? I do remember the bad things I said to you, yes I remember them all very clear in my head and I will not forgive myself for that..I won't. It hurts...the regret, it hurts. Because you cannot do anything..any single thing to reverse what you said or done to people you hurt. i want to rewind time so badly so you're not hurt by what i said, so I won't said those stupid things to you and so I won't leave you when you needed me so bad. I was too blind to see at that time. When I realised, it was too late and nothing can be done. What should I do? What do you want from me so that I can suffer the same way you did? because trust me, oh please do trust me, i suffered also. i cant say i suffer worst than you, no it is not a competition, but the pain I's enough to teach me numerous lessons. and you're the prize I have to sacrifice so i learn. So be it, I lose you so I'll be a better person? be it...if that's the best. Do you remember those nights I came begging at you to listen to me..? Do you remember the words I repeatedly say through the phone to grasp your attenton and sympathy? I do....because you're the only person who made me that way...who made me do things I havent thought i would do. you made me beg...when I thought I have everything I need. You're the're the prize I have to let go. And look at us now..we're like strangers. Complete strangers. May I ask...are you happy like this?

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