Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Kalau menyakitkan, harus dibuang juga.

You'll meet different kind of people. There will be those whom you dislike. There will also be those you care about, those who understands you better than your mum- so you think. There will be people who treat you well and make you feel safe. There will also be people who are so fun to be around with but appear to be backstabbing you from behind. You'll create memories with them. You'll learn your life lessons throughout your journey with these strangers. And those time when one of you turn away from each other and walk away is inevitable. It will happen because nobody stays forever. Even friends. One day they will set their priorities straight and friends are no longer in their top list. One day they will realise that they still has a dream to be chasing after and soon what you know is they've change their numbers and stop wishing you happy new year. These friends of yours will change,and so do you. You will find that there is always new people that will fill your lifespan with memories , good or bad. When they do walk away, what you'll find hard is holding on to the fact that you will be okay. and that you no longer need that person in your life. Sometimes, overthinking ruins friendships and realationships, but also, thinking make you realise that you still hve a lot more to explore in this world with a lot more other companies. A lot more songs to sing and hence, forgetting the old ones might be good to mesmerize the new lyrics. Sad songs are a good form of company, but sometimes what they'll do is just hitting the play button of your memory lane. What is the use of reminiscing old times when all you feel is sad and emptiness? The only thing left to do is- moving on.

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