Tuesday, July 7, 2015

broken trust

""I used to believe that the world would always be fair. to me, that meant no one should ever be wronged, and if they were, justice must be served. i fought hard for the way I believed things should be. however, in my idealism, i failed to understand that this world is inherently imperfect. we, as humans, are inherently imperfect. So we will always mess up. and in those mess ups, we will inevitably hurt others, knowingly and unknowingly, intentionally and intentionally. the world would not always be fair. Does that mean we stop struggling against injustice or give up on truth? of course not, but it means we must ot hold this world to an unrealistic standard ""

The world is not perfect and is not always fair to everyone.
However, does this statement means that it is okay to lie to someone who trusted you? Is it fine to break someone else's trust just because you are not brave enough to tell the truth? Is it fair to make someone suffer so bad and hurt so deep by cheating on her? It is understood that in order to build a relationship, trust is the most fundemental base that has to be exist between the two people. Only with trust can the relationship develops. And in order to build trust, nothing is ever easy. People take risk by believing in others. They risk their heart and feelings, hoping that the litlle piece of faith they surrender wil not be misused. But people lie. people cheat. people tell tales. And they expect for forgiveness. Those who were lied to will find severe dificulties in order to trust anyone again. Is it their fault that they hesistate to have faith in others? They one cared too much and now they are just lifeless souls. You made them feel worthless.
Funny how I drafted this post this morning, and posted it after the evening, just at the perfect moment something took place -

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