Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Today I said - imperfections are what make us us. 

Couple of hours later had I grasp the meaning of what I said.
Sometimes when we're in dark, we often question
"Who am I" 
So who are we? We are all of the bad things and behaviour that we hate about ourselves. We are those traits that we felt ashamed to acknowledge. 
It is easy to love ourselves remembering the good and greatness of our own selves. 
And an easy way is never the right way -
Love your flaws. Learn to accept yourself and then people will love you. Love the way you are so bossy love the insecurities love the anger you have love your physical appearances and the way you snort. Love everything about yourself that you wish you can change. 

Only then, you're fair to yourself.


Who can ever embrace and accept this side of myself-? 

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