Sunday, May 3, 2015

3 may

Kalau kau letak garam kat luka, lagi pedih jadinya. But eventually it'll heal. 

Tonight I came with my heart open and wounded. I came to you. And hope you'll somehow fix it - like you always did before. But all you did was damaging it even worst. You werent like this before. If it is really a revenge you're looking for, you did it on the wrong time. Because tonight was the turning point of my life. I thought I no longer can stand it. You said I wasnt as strong as you are. And maybe tht is why I am stopping everything. You point out all of my mistakes when I had my heart on my bare hands waiting to be mend. You hurt me deeper when I was already in misery. Wrong timing. And now those sadness are becoming anger. I'm stronger you know. I needed you but all you ever said was my past mistakes. I wanted you but you told me to not be childish. Whoever was there for you now, I hope they will stay with you until God knows when. Don't be angry with what I am doing. I am just , helping you to be happy. And i am just yelling out to you to hear me out because when I was talking, you barely hear me. Now I am walking. Don't stop me. 

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