Saturday, November 30, 2013


Luka? Ditabur garam. Bayangkan. Pedih. 

Betraying is, from my point of view, something humiliating. Once you do something that is possibly categorised as betraying; by any means, lose yourself all of the trust you gained all this while. In a split second, people can turn away from you , possibly never coming back. People can throw dirty words at you, with nothing but satisfaction to see you mad. Those you cAlled friends, turn to foes. But its not their fault to choose another way down the road. You made em go. And now you're alone. How can you possibly askfor forfiveness after ripping out ther hearts to pieces?

But, amazingly, there are some of these people who are willing to accept and forgive. Again and again. And again you hurt em. And again you beg. On repeat. And repeat. On and on. Now tell me, doesn't that lower your dignity? 

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