Sunday, June 2, 2013

Savoury of victory

Before I begin, Alhamdulillah. This entry, it's about one of my teams that I agreed on spending my commitment into.

After years and years of effort, doa's, prayers and reviews, we did won the gold medal. The feeling of excitement and's indescribable. I had never won - like a game, where teamwork is all that counts- in my life. But Tigrine, you made me beyond happy on 18th April '13. Once, I made a promise to make a difference in this team where I spend my every evening catching and running for that Molten ball. I don't want my time go wasted! So, I call upon the others and build that spirit in them. Along with the others, we spread the wings of burning spirit of ours to the others. And yes, the fire spread and now it's getting fiercer. But, I don't choose netball against SPM. The exam is getting nearer and my focus should be centred into that one crucial essential thing. I'll stop playing. And leave that little hope to the others. I hope yall turn that dream of mine into something big. Not only mine, but also the others ;-)


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