Sunday, May 26, 2013

A view of forward

Assalamualaikum yu ollsss :D oky bahagia kan ? Haha, mestilah! Kita kena bahagia like all the time kayy! So, these few days..I realised something. Memula aku fikir balik..aku terlintas that I wanted my high school life to be different from this one. I want that and that. And it hits me are never greatful. Therefore, I chAnge me. And I said Alhamdulillah for what I have is always the best. He will not give His slaves lives that aren't the best and will not let us suffer if it's not for the sake of strengthening our belief. And that is why we just have to be happy :-)

I was scrolling down my calendar and stopped when I reach Jan 2014..imagining how's my life at that moment. No more school and yada yada. Must be missing STF so much T.T that, the future is something we all fear of but eventually will overcome em. I'm scared in growing up. In facing adults thibgs. In making new friends. I'm scared if i'll not fit in. Hm. 

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