Friday, November 23, 2012

Jangan disangka si jahat tiada yang baik

Tell me if you have an issue with rempits. Exactly. I know how these people are unevenly treated by our crowd. How they always being shot fierce glances and annoying muttering that not all of them deserve. Sure, their .. hm activity,well it is such a nuisance to all of us, the way they disregard the public's safety by their ignorance and arrogance. They are easier to be hated than adored. True.

But not all of them.

It was a hot evening at Sunway. She had just picked her daughter from the nearby nursery and was on her way home. With the stress from her workplace and her talkative daughter examining every cars that passed, she was in the edge of losing her temper. Then a taxi suddenly swerve to his right and bumped, hard, on her car. The damage was so bad that the car cannot move. Worst, the taxi had just continue driving..ignoring his victim of carelessness. The mad mother came out of her wrecked car and .. screamed of anger. Then, a group of mat rempits that passed by stopped and kindly asked what bothered her. She told them, and they ganged up to chase that useless taxi driver, managed to practically dragged him to the spot and thus escorting the lady to the nearest police station to lodge a report with the taxi driver, of course.

People, stop thinking so shallow. Orang yang jahat tak selalunya jahat .. orang yang baik tak semestinya tak jahat. There's always two sides to everything. Allah jadikan setiap perkara dengan seimbang..perilaku kita seterusnya yang menentukan pihak mana lebih berat. Samada bahu kanan, atau kiri. It is totally our choices.

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