Thursday, November 29, 2012

Its 29th Nov

First of all, Happy Birthday :-)

Today, I made something that I've sworn to never do. I. Sign. Up. For. Ask.Fm.
I mean like, wattehell ??! Before this, I was like "ughhh merepek je web ni." "euw. Never." "Ya Allah, so sick" and here I am. Yes, I have an acc. Nevermind, getting fed up anyway. Mybe kalau hotsetafff ke best ah ada acc ni, ramai stalker yada yada. But , nahhh , i don't much fond of it. So yeah, tunggu masa la before kena musnah.

Well, anyway, using this tool, I've found out what ppl see in me O.o this is not to brag, just that sometimes you also need some motivation for your self. To remind yourself you're not that bad. You're someone to somebody alright.

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