Saturday, November 17, 2012

A very spirited girl, I've known


Screw them . Screw the haters. Screw what they say. I mean go to hell lah whatever we do w/ Tigrine. 
Aku .. nak say sorry sangat sangat for whatever i've done, since whenever. I know how soft you can be, and yet I hadn't change the way I respond to any of your signs of hurt. I was too solid to get through I guess. I ignored. I was .. mean. Sorry Nurin. And later on, I learned how spirited you are. You're the one who heard my cries on Tigrine. You knew how hard it was to make Tigrine this .... good. You were one of them who stayed by my side in training T :) I thank you lots for that. And yes, you are one hell of a net lover :p we're so lucky to have you, Nurin. Serious said. like I said, you can always play the good-part. Lemme be the mean one muahaha >:D hehe. 
Hmm weh, nxt year last :( nak tengok T menang HK :( kau tolong aku tau ? even next year... whatever. I'm okay. Haha, night N.


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