Sunday, August 19, 2012

promises and decisions

Rules are meant to be broken.
But promises are never meant to be broken. Because once you made one, it needs all of one's trust to hold on tight to what you've guaranteed. People are never close to perfect. Often, promises are broken, intended or maybe unintended. The rule is easy. If you can't, don't do promises. But when all hell break loose, we might have to do things we don't want to do. To save souls. To protect feelings. To invent smiles. To fake happiness. Then what's the point? Where's the catch? Why sacrifice? Because you love em? If you do, be happy with them. Stop being happy for them if it didn't turn out the way you've planned. Sometimes, what we think is the best, is actually never supposed to be one of the choices. Everyone do mistakes. That's why we can never expect things too much from one person, because we might get hurt..and to recover from those downfalls, ain't easy. Ain't easy to feel okay after feeling all those shitz. Ain't easy to say you're happy when you know you can't be the same person anymore. Ain't easy to live normally when the one you cared become someone who used to love you. Ain't easy to forget the scars. Ain't easy ... but possible. 
Decisions. I don't like making decisions. In any part of life. Guess gotta learn that #mentalnote
Decisions. When making them, what are we suppose to put in consideration? Up to this point of life, the only answer I got is, the ppl we love. Consider them. Consider what they feel and how they respond to the calls we're making. If they're happy, well we should be happy too. As long as the requirements for them to be happy wouldn't cost us grief. And also of course, talking from the point of view of a logical, the pros and cons. We should not decide for whomever. We should not make the call for our friends. Instead, we should only guide them. Tell them both good and bad sides of a decision. And talk to them. And let them decide. Cause it's their lives anyway. and when what they've decided is not something we favor, don't walk out of them. bear, everyone makes mistakes. seems like it's their time to mess up. stay,and let them know that you're not going far. Tell them that whenever they need you, they'll find you being there all along, never leaving their sides. Cause a friend in need is a friend indeed :)

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