Friday, August 24, 2012

Nur Shafienie Riwayat

"Madam Reez, bila nak pilih monitress yang betul " ?"

"You don't want?"

"taknak" *dengan perlahannya

"Okay, 1S, let us vote"

Maka, Nur Shafienie Binti Riwayat, monitress of 1Setia 2009. And, assistant goes to .. me.
Pienie, Pinot or whatever your name is, I'll forever be your Ass :p
Quite hard to believe I indeed cry when you came to school to collect your things in 2010. Of course I can't believe it you actually did decide to leave Desa Tun. I know it's hard. I mean like we're only 13 at that time. And that's why I made you promised me to stay w me until the battle end. But, maybe it's best you continue your study somewhere else. Ya lah, kalau kejayaan tu milik kita, kat mana mana pun boleh berjaya kan ? :-) 
See, you're in MRSM Jasin now. Congrats. I always know you're a genius. So girl, Good luck in everything you do. May your dreams turn into a reality (-:  
cheers to my pienie :-

Take one

Take two

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nurul syazwani :) said...

Kirim salam to this lovely girl okay?I miss her. And you too,Qistina take care in STF :')