Tuesday, June 5, 2012



I chose this topic tonight. Based on nil reasons. I had a vague memory of talking about this in here. But well, I'm thinking of wanting to write something now as I've been stuck doing some exploration in the net on something.. as you and I know, as the world is aware of, whenever we make mistakes or say things that were misinterpreted, we are expected to apologize. That's just typical doings that humans should practice in daily life. Seriously, who don't do this will be looked at as if they are some aliens thus creating a wall between themselves and the world. And when we beg for forgiveness, we once again are expected to be forgiven. Yes it feels good and relieving to be forgiven. But hell, do we actually deserve it? If we do, how come we say 'I'm sorry' so frequently that it seems like a practiced dialogue rather than a sincerely said phrase. And why are we being so generous forgiving them who hurt us, like, so many times?  When exactly should we be hard in forgiving and when is exactly are we allowed to forgive those who mark a scar in us? Or is it a human's right to be forgiven every time we decided wrong and every time we hurt someone and every time we said something hurtful? So, let's say you answer yes, then it is our right to be forgiven no matter how big our sins are to other people? Let say, I kill your mum, do I deserve to be forgiven? Let say, I had once steal a big amount of your savings that put you into a hard time a while back then, do I deserve to be forgiven? Let say, I lie to you and had been madly in love with your boyfriend for a while, should I be forgiven? You own such a good heart to have the courage to actually forgive and forget. Being someone who forgives -means someone made our life having it's downturn- and yet we are suppose to just say "It's okay. I'm not mad at you anymore. I forgive you." And then what? He-who made us mad, who made us cry, who gave an impact in our life- shall just continue his life and live like he had not bring unwanted changes in our life? I have no right to answer those questions. It depends on your sincerity. Like I said before, this is when you have to think of god. the world's ain't fair but it's fair and square there. Have faith. That person who did wrong to us will be punished evenly as what he did to us. Have faith. And, always bear in mind, say what you mean. But don't be mean when you say them. Say them only when you mean them. Say IHATEYOU only when you decided to not have them in the chapters in your life anymore. Say ILOVEYOU when you know you do. Say IMSORRY when you promise not to repeat that mistakes again. Say YOUREFORGIVEN only when you swear not to be mad anymore. Say GOODBYE .. when you mean it.

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