Friday, June 1, 2012


  • It is very nice to have someone who is willing to love you for who you are
  • Very lucky to found that someone who'll hold your hands through the hardships and smile through the sweet time of your life
  • To soothe you and tell you everything's gonna turn out fine at times things are falling apart
  • To catch you when you fall
  • To tell you of your flaws and bad side
  • To help you fix yourself
  • To care about you when no one did 
  • Lighten up your day when you act so shittish
  • Accepting the biggest mistake you ever did
  • Forgiving you for your foolishness
  • Confide everyone that you are a saint when all you did is hurting all
  • To tell you lies that can make you smile when the worst is at peak and truth doesn't work anymore
  • Give you a company when you're lonely
  • Make the best out of you
To found that sahabat, is a blessing.

"  "Orang kata dalam hidup ni kita akan jumpa sorang sahabat yang memang kita akan sayang.. aku rasa aku dah jumpa orang tu"

"Sayang tahap infinity"
"Banyak mengubah aku..." "

To that 'one', I can't say how deep my love is for you and how you help me to realize the beauty of life especially with all of my friends around. To learn to appreciate and cherish all. To know that life is never that cruel to leave us alone. There is always someone behind us who is there all the time. We just need to open our eyes and start seeing. Sorry for all of my mistakes and misturns. 
To all of you out there who's been knowing me big time, I might not be able to show my love to you guys, but it's there. really, deep down in my heart, i love you guys :) and it's not easy for me to love. So yes, consider yourself lucky :]

To anes, wehhh tengoklah kalau mood jiwang
aku menyerang :D ahahaha, gila.

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anne athira said...

0_o waaah tak sangka kau sejiwang ni. bangga aku:)