Friday, March 16, 2012

Time Management

Time. Sir Rashid gave us an assignment on Time. To write anything regarding time. A narrative essay. Well, Diyana must be thrilled to receive this kind of assignments. I can't say how I actually like or despised such works. Sometimes, when I got my creative juice flowing, well I can write. But the problem is when I'm in the situation where I can't seem to write anything. Gosh, I hate time like those.
Time management is very essential especially for students of Sekolah Tun Fatimah lalala -.- I thought I have this skill. But no, this is seriously not an exaggerating seeking attention statement, I have a lot more things undone in my to-do list this break. Looks like I fail in managing my time wisely :( 
This made me feel so stressed and timeless. Felt like coping myself in my room 24/7 just for the sake of my works. But hey, I have a right to spend my time leisurely. How come holidays are filled with school works? If so, then it would be much better to stay in school doing school stuffs rather than staying at home doing stuffs meant to be done at school -.- get it? Or no? whatever.
I've learned some lessons from this break. 
First of all is to not take things that I am uncapable of handling. Perhaps I am capable, but if it takes too much of my time and require sacrifices then I shouldn't take it. 
Second is to never be lazy especially I am now in upper form where hardwork matters. 
*deep sigh*
Isokay Qisya. All Iz Well.
Try try try.

Terima kasih ya Qistune. Kalau tak, memang sejarah aku tak siap ah. Kay dah tayah terharu sgt. K Bai.

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Qisyune :) said...

Hihihi sama-sama . Takdela terharu mana pung X) I'm Qisyune . Bukan Qistune :)