Monday, March 12, 2012

Penyelamat dunia


Superhero. Hero. Hero is a person who save the world, right? Yes. Hero is a person who makes things better. Hero is a person we worship. Hero  is an ordinary person who makes extraordinary things.
Hero is a friend. Our friends. Agree?

Everyone wants to be a hero somehow. I guess so..
I want to be a hero to someone. I don't care who. Sometimes I wonder if I ever bring changes to one's life. if I mean something to someone. If I'm ever considered important. 
Well, talking of my life, I don't have a personal hero. I got heroes :)
I got many heroes- else, heroins.
And each of my own heroes play an important role in my so-called-teenage-life. 
my heroes had not save me from my death-oh-lala. No, they did small things that make big difference. 
Small things that they are not aware of the impacts they bring to me. Small things I forgot to appreciate, until I was reminded of their presence. 
In a nutshell *ceh, I would like to be a hero to someone in some days :)

I love my heroes.
I love my friends.

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