Saturday, February 4, 2012


A question I bet all of us had think of once or twice in a journey
as a fellow student. No matter what school you are in, let it be a boarding school or an ordinary one.
It just happened to struck to your mind, I bet.


Why does it seems so vital to learn those subject offered in school?
To pass the exams with flying colours.
To complete the homework. Damn complete --"
To sacrifice the sleeping hours for the sake of understanding the chapters we missed in class.
Why? And is it worth it?
Well, even in Islam, we were asked to seek for knowledge as much as we can.
To take it all.
and if you ask me why, I can't answer. Because I dont know, some questions are not meant to be answered. Well, life without mysteries can't be fun huh?
So, why don't we try an error? HAHA. 
Seriously. Dont.
Life is not a game you can try an error. once the damaged done, it's hard to put 
things back in places, but well possible.
Just study. But still, live.

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