Tuesday, January 24, 2012


History said it. Tradition said it. Seniors said it.
What are we? Humans. So think and believe what you want to believe. Don't fall 100% on what people said, because sometimes things don't always go with the legendary said.
Sometimes, things that stay constant for years can change, if we want it to change.
Put your belief in things you want to believe.
Stop relying on what they say, because they are not always right anyway.

Support is something unexplainably .. something.
At times when we are taking a small step but seems so big to us, that's when we need and yearn for support from our so-called friends. And at this time, we should NEVER leave them hanging in dilemma.
Perhaps, we don't agree with what they decided. But WHO ARE US to decide for them? WHO ARE US to hate them for what they want? WHO ARE US for them to do what we want? WHO ARE US to control them? WHO ARE US to hate them? answer me. WHO ARE YOU to do all these things?
I think I understand what they feel. I THINK I DO. because I had been there. I had been in two situations where a decision is so crucial to be made at that time.. that's when I search for my friends to give me support.. not to decide for me, but to stay with me as I made the call.
"Just decide, and make the best out of it" 

"Don't be afraid to decide. Life's an experiment after all. Worst to worst, you're still going to see tomorrow"

Don't leave them. Don't make them feel like strangers. Because they need us. Trust me they need us now than ever.
And, if in the future they're the ones who turn away, then be it. Let them be. Let them learn from their mistakes. But for now, be a good friend and stay with them as this phase is not an easy one for them and for us too.


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Faza said...

mekasih kerana memahami hati kami~~