Sunday, December 4, 2011

Rage Anger and beyond

Today I was feeling mad. I feel so ,ergh. I was in the state of anger. Suddenly rasa semua benda macam out of place. everything send me to the edge. I felt like .. exploding. It was 5pm and the day was soooo boring, seriously. Such a lazy Sunday. Then, my sister went into my room and said "Cepat lah Adik, siap." just that simple order got me off guard. I said, "Shut up". She went out, and I felt like a jerk. Seriously I blame myself for my rudeness. I was so clueless. I mean, whts next? So I took my eyes of this damn technology and stare at the fan. Then, my heart was instructing me.Well hell yeah I obeyed. I reached to get my diary, and I flip through the pages.. reading where my hands lead me to. I read a couple of entries where I had my falldown phase. I read the ones where I need help so bad, where  I almost gave up. Then I read those which I described them who made my day. Where I was happy and cheerful. And then, the last one in which I made a promise to face the days forth with wisdom and strength. Suddenly there goes all of my fury. I was excited to be in school in a month time. I knew then that I was ready to whatever's coming, with God's will. I close my lovely diary and dash upstairs to find my mum. She had just finished her Asar prayers. Immediately I moan that I dont want to go out today, I dont want to take a ride - which she informed me earlier when I had my anger neatly inside of me.

 "Umi, adik tanak pergiiiii malas nk mandiiii"
"Tak naaaaaaaaaaak" 
"Tak payah mandi, tukar baju je. Cepat siap."
 "Tunggu adik mandi"

My mood was better. I decided that I really have to take my 'morning' shower anyhow. So I did have a ride out. Even i's just around the city with Umi, Babah and Akak, but I had the chance to see the world.
And guess what, I see the green trees. How interesting.

That prove it. When we feel clueless and 
unknown of what to do, then take 
a look at your past. You might get an idea
of your next  journey and task to get to
your destination.

It just so strike me that technology cause this anger of mine build inside. Bad thing to be coped up in yr room all day. Just like my what i said in this . Read it guys, it's real. I know scaryyy :O

Here's an evening present fr my lovely readers :)

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