Tuesday, December 6, 2011


I know this picture is rude, but I feel happy to put it on. HEHE

Strength to be true. Strength to accept the fact we've chosen wrong. Strength to move on. Strength to let go. Strength to forgive. To forgive. To forgive. 
Strength is what make us solid.
I was wrong and I was bad to say no years before. I've chosen to stay with what my mind's ordering. For what I thought was right. And which of course turned out wrong. That's what they say, you have to follow your heart. But not in every single things. Mind do matter. I don't know. Maybe at this times, in these cases, we just have to turn to The Almighty. He got all things under control. Leave it to him.
But well yeah I did make a mistake to have let you go. I see pass the years you wait. I unappreciate the things you did to have my attention. I stupidly thought you're just another boy in the town. Hell yeah I was wrong. But because of this wrongness I did, I learned to stay strong when things are tumbling down. I searched for you when I had been facing a real big problem at that time, and you were not there. I don't blame you. I mean, after all the years you stay with me and I hadn't notice. And now when I look for you, and you wasn't there .. well doesn't mean you didn't care - I hope so. You've also chosen to move on and live with 'NO' as my answer. You carry on with your life without me to turn to when having your issues. And I didn't mind, at first. Then I noticed of the hole you left right after you decided that I'm no longer anyone to you. And it hurt - yeah it hurt. And I wondered, if you really didn't mean anything to me, then why do I miss you so much. Why it hurt to know you're there but you didn't even say HI to me. it hurt and it hurt. So I knew that you really did mean something to me. It's just the fear to confess and the ego to stay up there. So here I am, wishing you eternal happiness when I'm here still building what's lost inside. I won't ask you to come back, 'cause that would be mean. I'm not asking you to look at me when I know I hadn't been looking at you for the years we befriend. It's not fair and I'm not that selfish. Let bygones be bygones. You teach me things I never thought I'll learn. You teach me that love can be there hanging between two persons who can't recognize the wonder until they lost it all. I've been there and I'm proud to say that I'm strong to face it. Thanks for the memories. I won't forget you. I think I had already enough time to build my strength. Now, I can be happy for you and know that we were never meant to be together. I'll stay with you even you hadn't ask. Cause that's what friends are for.

Qistina Syasya,

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