Thursday, December 15, 2011

High Shcool

Hai and Assalamualaikum. Having a great night everyone?
Hari nih, I am about to spill my thoughts on high school :) Yep, sekolah menengah.
Well, I didn't enroll in a normal one. See, I got a boarding school yadayada. Dont get me wrong, I am really thankful of getting my butt in this awesome school. Seriously. I am. It's a cool place to be in. It's a nice place to learn of .. idk, of friendships? of life, and of being a successful person, i guess.
But I can't deny how I long to be in a normal school. Where there's boys and girls and prom night and freaky parties. To be invited to my besties'  awesome super sweet sixteen birthday bash. To do sleepovers on weekends. To have crushes that you can check on daily. normal stuffs teenagers do. To do night shifts at McDonald. To drive my dad's car. To catch the latest movies in the cinema with my girlfriends. To be on a date. To be..wild and yet, academically successful. That is so possible :D 
We don't do that in boarding school, especially in a girls' school. You might think, 'wow,bapak ah lifeless. Soo boooooringgg'. we might don't do those things you guys do. But we do..different things. We celebrate birthdays differently. We don't do driving, we fly :) We don't have sleepovers as we do sleep together everydayyyy. We don't have prom night, but we have night preps to enjoy. We have responsibilities. Seems like the government trusted us. And we can't just let them down. We study hard. We study hard for the nation and for all of you. We make sacrifices. We do. To some of you guys, it might seem not like a big matter. But these years in high school are the years we will cherish and dwell when we have grandchildren. I believe to be awarded being in a boarding school is a blessing and is the best for me. So I don't regret. To those boarding-schools-ers, every time you feel like turning back (esp the first formers), please bear in mind the benefits you'll earn. You might find the concept of locked-up-in-school-24/7-no-internet-etc is kinda boring, it's not the end of the world. As years fly, you'll make friends, you will enjoy. Trust me. I've been there. I would say that 2011 is better than 2010, and 2010 in way better than 2009. Grow up and take commitments
Act, I've watched Never Been Kissed and Easy A today. and both movies use the concept of high school with those pretty girls who are always vain and be mean to the new kids. It's classic - new kid got bullied and have to have his lunch in the toilet cube. The hunk whom every girl drooled to date with. The nerds who are called losers. This is high school, normal one I guess. Cliches everywhere. 
I guess we have different lives to live. 
Allah don't give us what we want. He gives us what we need. What's the best for us. 
So I remind myself, every time I hear stories of normal-high-school-life from my friends,every time I'm feeling that ball of envious, I'll just say to myself that me being in a boarding school is the best for me, or else how can Allah let it happen. And them, surviving those challenges .. I must say that they are so brave and tough. We all are brave and tough. We all are. SubhanaAllah.

"Kau nak pindah sekolah tak? Pindah lah, masuklah SMK :)) " - abubakar
"Nak weh. Aku tak suka ah terkurung je. Bapak ah bosan" -me

"Qis, bila nak tukar sekolah ?" -abubakar
"Haha. No way. I like it here. Best." -me


monmon™ said...

nice. :)

Anonymous said...

qisya, this is so flawless :) conversation tu, i used to have with one of my friends too :')


Noorfaqihah said...

aku suka baca post kau:)