Thursday, December 29, 2011


I swear to never want to lose my hardisk.
There's all videos and photos yang .. I care.
I had spent some minutes to revive the memories in 2010 tht we all had walked through.
HIHI, can't stop myself vibrating, esp time tgk vid nyanyi dengan FN.
I remembered masa tuh semua tension gila nk final exam *pdhl baru F2 lol.
And ktorg mcm dh nk explode, so decided to sing our heart out.
To dear clssmate '10, i know how some of you bengang dgn kebisingan kami, but well, korang tak boleh deny yg korang dh stress belajar time tuh, so thnks to us bgi korang entertainment :p
And there's the video time choral speaking, which ramai yang menangis and sakit hati etc. 
It caused a lot a dramas, but hey, it's worth it.
Kita kasi gegar dewan itu hari :')
Frankly speaking, I miss the good ol' memories. But I know I'll be making new ones. So no big deal. 

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