Monday, December 5, 2011

Grey line

Bragging and to tell plain truth. Sometimes,  we don't brag, but just telling the truth. And somehow,people take it as if we're talking big. These shallow-thinking people -.-
Arrogant and shy. There's these people who are shy to start a conversation. Who rather be quiet than stand out of the crowd. And yet, we judge them and straightly wonder why are they so arrogant.
To become a nosy one and to care. Why where who and when .. questions asked one after the other. Simply because they care, not that they are those who barge in others life. Be appreciative to have this kind of friends, cause then you'll miss their questions when you fall.
Funny and annoying. Get the difference. Pity them, being isolated from the groups. Being called names and unfriendly stares and harsh words frequently.

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