Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Crazy Dayout

"Sorry dudette. I can't come. Aku takde transport"
or however lah text kau. Aku tak igt,sorry.


There goes me and Faje screaming like hell. We were just getting ready to go to the KTM Station to Mid to meet yaguys and like watch Puss Puss. Tetiba kena dump last min. Mana tak frust kan.
I was speechless. Faje dah anxious and lalala.
Last last we called Diyana and asked her to go to OUtama.
We kinda swore to have fun even the plan was cancelled.
Hell yeah we had fun ! xD
Aku cakap banyak kali nak jugak masuk photo booth tuh. Cause isso damn cool :) Diyana said booth tuh kan wing lagi satu.. kinda dissapointed at first.
But then Faje wanted to checkout a baseball (?) game spot at the rooftop.
we went up there, and went into an arcade instead.
thereeeee, heavenly, the photo booth that I dreaded about. TEEHEE ~
Lama nak mampus dalam benda alah ni. Firstly tgk kena guna 16 coins, i mean like SIXTEEN ENAMBEALAS weiii dh berat hati dh memula.
I mean like is it worth it. Duhh,
tanya abg counter tuh, oh I see, 1 coin worth 50cent only, so exactly RM8 divided by 3.
aha, amat berbaloi :D
it was operating in English, tapi sumpah confusing instructions dia.
First attempt, dah berjaya tgkp gambr, then we click cancel to undo our previous editing,
dia terus CANCEL like keluar benda alah "insert 16coins" 
shit. we were like OMAIGOD. what had just happened?!
Aku roger abg kaunter tuh, dia pun reset kan. HIHI nasib baik :3
second attempt, tatau nak tgkp mcm mana, hehee, panggil lagi abg tuh,
dia dh senyumsinis dah *siot punya abe* 
Posing like gila babun for like 1/2hours. Hoho, girls oways vain :p
masa edit pun stuck -.- panggil lagi abg tuh *muka dh blushing dh malu teramat*
time printing pun buat hal ... erk apa lagi, panggil lah abg tuh *gosh.
seriously we like spend 45mins kat booth tuh.
Then we watched New Year's Eve. We shrieked masa Zac Efron kissed the lady who was like twice his age YEKS.
This is the best part, we swore to eat something we will never eat again. Something weird HIHI.I took them to Nando's cause dorang tak pernah try Nando's lagi.
And hell yeah, we ordered freaky drinks with awesome names but shitty taste -.-
air diyana taste like colgate for goodness sake, faje's was so bitter, and mine MINE ADA SERAI DLM TUH eeeeee >:p
Diy ambik ayam yang Hot punya, cehh makan merah merah muka!
seriously, we girls macam bising nak mam kat restaurant tuh. Akak waitress tuh dh senyum senyum dah masa nampak kitaorg habiskan meal yg *pelik* tuh.
well, it was fun. we tried bowling too. Then spend the night at the arcade. Screaming while playing pffftt.
It was surely fun :)
nahh, gmbr tak banyak, the photos below nih tak berapa nak clear, blame my phone teehee :D

Wei, told you ada hikmah nya kau tak dapat dtg. haha, hikmah tuh for us :) hihi, next time je lah braderrr.


Sheera H said...

Ehh kat OU ada rock climbing eh? Do u know anything abt it, i mean price etc.? Thanks in advance hehe :D

My God bersyukur je laaa! Photobooth at sunway is in japanese/chinese tau tak! Kitorang sumpah tak reti guna waktu tu, main tekan je mana-mana. Hahaha, and yg dkt sunway lagi mahal doh, I tak ingat berapa exactly harga dia but lagi mahal la. Haha :D

Qisya said...

ada ada ! butt sorry i dnt know the price lah pulak :( tapi dia kat floow atas ats, new wing :D

ehhhh kat sunway ada photo booth? WHERE? i didnt know that, lol. haha, in japanese? sureee memeningkan haha.

Sheera H said...

New wing? Okay okay thanks for the info :) Photo booth dkt asian avenue, dkt dgn tempat yg dance arcade thingmajingy tu. Haha.