Thursday, November 24, 2011

What say you

People said people change right? And the way they say it as if changing is way wrong. Like, "wow, kau dh berubah. Aku tak kenal kau yg sekarang" Seriously, you guys ever think that maybe dia tak berubah pun. It's just that dia baru jumpa his true identity? Dia baru discover diri dia yang sebenar? Because sometimes things arent they way we see it. Sometimes, even pictures can lie. So, pikir balik the judgement yg kita buat dgn cakap orang tuh berubah. And, it just doesnt matter if he really change right? Because it's his life. Perhaps it affect us a bit but if it's good and it makes him happy, then just be happy for him :) Nak contoh? Let say, MILEY CYRUS. I like her. But well most of you dont. Bila aku tanya "kenapa?", most of the answers would be "Dia dah liar kot. Dulu baik je, but now dah berubah" Well peepos, from what I think, aku rasa dia memang really mcm tuh. Yang korang kata dia baik tuh because she's one of the Disney's girls, right? And what's wrong for her to be a little wild? Tak memberi apa apa impak pun kat korang :/ I'm not saying this cause I like her, it;s just the way some of us judge others. It's not fair for her to be judged, padahal kita tak kenal pun dia kan? I guess we just have to stop judging. Everytime we think bad of someone, bear in mind "Mesti ada kebaikan nya dia buat macam tuh" because naturally everything has its pros and cons. So deal with it :')


Qistina Y :D said...

Yes Syaa . Aku faham kau . Aku pun nak cari identiti aku sendiri lah . But I think , I've found it but I never show it . InsyaAllah . I will , I promise :)

Qisya said...

qisyune, am not talking bout me. random thoughts :] goodluck in finding yrself btw. tell me when you're done. sbb aku rasa mcm kau dh jumpa kau je

Qistina Y :D said...

Yes I know lah you're not talking about you . I am thinking about others based on your random thoughts . Hihi yelah kot , aku jumpa *maybe . Tapi apa yg aku jumpa dude ? Okay then , just wait and see :)