Sunday, November 20, 2011

Thoughts aren't always right

There's always a first time. Therefore, no need to fear of trying something never-done. 
Sometimes you'll feel hated and lonely and sad and depressed. And there'll times when you're so content and happy and excited. Feelings vary.
Sometimes people tend to hurt us so bad we cry. And also sometimes we just can't stop smiling nor laughing all day. 
Jealousy is something unexplainably hard to translate. Jealousy's there when there's love. If it's not love, then it shall be hatred. There's people who can't stand seeing others being happy.
Back in 15 years, I can't even walk nor talk. I was helpless. I need help all the time. Help from people around me. Despite the fact if they're my close family members. I'm just someone who hope and long for help all the time.
And look at me now. I can walk I can talk I can stand up after falling. But one thing will never change. I'll forever need help. Especially from The One. Always.
There will be time when you feel so hated that you refuse to do anything. That you put all the blame on yourself. And when the time comes, pause and take a look back. Look and learn of your mistakes. Look but don't turn back. Look back then take a look around you. Look of those around you. Those who's presence are always ignored and unappreciated. Those who stay with us when the world walk out on us. Those who stay to have faith in ourselves when we're doing something hard and challenging. Trust them. Because they're your friends. Mon amies.
When you fail, never take yourself as one of the losers. Failing is just a step towards success. Failing teach us that the world is not easy afterall. That the world are full of challenges waiting to be faced, with strength all the time.
As time revolves, we'll meet people. Different people with different personalities. And these are the people we'll put our hopes on. That we turn to when we feel as if we're alone in this life. And as life goes on, we ourselves could change. Changes can be good. Changes can also be bad, if we refuse to have them.
Melody is something irrresistably a helping device once we decided to have some time alone. When we're speechless, songs can deliver the message. Lyrics help.

This night brings me the emotion of empty. I dont know why. Perhaps because I have Adele singing Someone Like You for almost five times repeatatively. I felt a hole in my heart, and I don't know when the hell it's going to heal. As you can observe, every stanza has nothing to relate with the stanza before. This is a post of randomness facts I've found regarding life. Thanks for reading. I wish you a blissful sleep :)