Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Sudden realization

Okayh, post nih aku tamau letak gambar. Even though my hands aching to search fr one damn cute photo regarding the topic i'm about to babble.
Tadi aku pun menggatal nk baca orang punya post yang lama lama. Saja nk kenal korang x) then aku compare kan sorang sorang yg dulu dgn korang yang sekarang. WOW :) suddenly aku rasa mcam in one's particular life, i've stolen something from so many people, and I'm thinking of returning it back, as soon i'm ready.
And I hope, i'll be ready. seriously, nk susun jari minta ampun kalau ada yang rasa macam tuh. I've never mean to do 'em. It was an accident. And I'm fixing it.
Well, this life's not about ourselves. It also counts on the lives of people around us.

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