Friday, November 18, 2011

Real Deal


To say you know someone deep is totally a lie. Unless he die. Cause that's when all the secrets are revealed. No matter how close we are to our friends, there must be some dirty little secrets that are meant to forever be hidden. Let it be a tiny-witsy little nothing but to us, it means just simply something.
So, I was borned this way. I can learn to show my passion and love, but obviously I've had not learn that yet. I'm sorry to some people I might seem too independent that you'll think I need you not. What I learned of living with my family is that, my family surely do not express and show the inside. It's always mysterious within us. We don't go around showing our heart and soul to all. We don't stroll with a board saying I LOVE YOU written all over. We don't show what we feel. It's not good, I tell you. Cause then you'll be too secretive that you'll lose the chance of telling yr loved ones how much they help you in moving forth in life. And unfortunately I got that thingy. I can't , I just can't say that three words. No matter how much I mean it. I.Just.Can't .. yet. I'll learn someday. To those who relate to my life, i'm here to say that I would like to thank you for being present in my life even for a short period of time. Ignore the fact how I make it seems like you are nothing, cause you are something the moment you step into my life :)