Thursday, November 17, 2011

Let's share tears of joy

Najwa Asyikin Ahmad Kushairi <3

Haha today is filled with superb awesomeness :) Dengarr lah niiiii, tadi pagi en pergi SKS6 nk visit cikgu tersayang :) lepas tuh, ingat en nak catch a movie at Subang. But then Hanina's parents are not allowing her to go. So Najwa and Ain crash onto my house. Weee, Najwa baca diary lama aku kot (!) Which impossibly is filled with my old-time-crushes. Haha xD It was surely one hell of a funny moment to read back of all the cards and wishes and letters and notes from my pastime. we laugh our ass off surely lah kan najwa? It was nice to catch up with you, girlfriend. It was always like "Qistina Najwa" since standard one right? And it last till now, and continue to blossom insyaAllah :) 
Then Hanina was tweeting Najwa asking us to go to her house, ehem WALK -.-" there to watch movies. We were like "JOM JOM JOM LAAA" seriously was outstandingly eager haha :D 
So well, we watched Paranormal 1 ( I kinda fall asleep while watching. Gahhhh I rate it 3/10-.-") 
next would be The Roomate. Okay this one was great (thumbs up!) we were like dramatically waiting on the ending when Najwa's parents arrive to fetch us. Awwwww so I guess I gotta continue tonight watching that physcotic roomate ergh. BTW, Stephen was so hot that I melt on the spot 8) lalalala

Thanks for the day. Wasnt bad at all :)

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