Sunday, November 6, 2011

How am I going to express this? I just felt like blogging this night.
So here we go..

"life's a roller-coaster ride. There'll be ups and downs."
If life had been easy, then where's the fun.
You might feel like you've found your family.
I mean, not the real family. But THE family.
And one day, you got left.
Somehow, you're not hurt as you've been expected.
You are alright without them.
Then, you start asking yourself if they've been
yr family afterall.
you got confused and mixed up.
Then you should know,
that good friends would cry with you
and would laugh their ass off with you.
They'll be with you throughout yr roller-coaster ride.
They wont left you even when you're at 
two different places.
They'll push you into something that's the best fr you.
Here's a saying,
"sometimes, you have to leave your
bestfriend behind because it's the best
for them even they don't understand why
you are leaving"
I will not deny the fact how
there's so many people that i've hurt before.
And also that WILL be hurt.
those that got left behind,
as time flew by.
those who leave me behind
even if I'm given the chance to own a time machine,
I'm not sure if I want things to be different.
I guess i've gotten used to this.
i've adapt.
I just get used to life.
sometimes it could be mean to not putting on much effort
in sustaining something.
But then, 
why try hard when you dont want it to turn out
that way?
why do you pretend?
If tht's how it'll turn out, then be it.
But, on the other hand,
if you really want it to be the other way round,
then work for it.
and if it didnt turn out as planned,
fix it :)
Because, you can have yr life yr way.
Ye lah weh, kadang-kadang bila tengok old albums,
terlintas " wow, dulu aku kamceng ngn dia. now pe cer doh"
And tht's when, I'll start missing her/him.
And tht's when I'll blame myself for letting her/him go.
Only for a while, before that burden got carried away 
by the sweetness of the present.
Jahat ke macam tu?
Dah tuh, tak kan nk buang masa menyesali masa yang lalu
kalau masa sekarang pun masih belum terjamin
kebahagiaan nya. Kan?
So, better focus on the present and
effort on making sure the future is as what we

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