Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Assalam my dearest friends, today and this very evening I'll like to talk of hopes.

Sometimes, we move forth in life not because of our own desires, but it's to fulfill others' desires. To make certain people happy with us. To please others. Well, I thought we should ignore what others think of us and do what WE want and like, not what THEY want. But it just not as easy as ABC. Back in yrs, even ABC seems hard to us. Well from what I've experienced, not much I must say, it is okay to put your hopes on others. But do not put very-high-hopes. Our hopes on them can make them do things that they never want to do. And they did it because of the hopes we BURDEN them with. And by doing those things, it could make their life miserable as they HAVE to do things they never want to do. As I said, it is okay to put your hopes on others,as if your leaders, but bear in mind that they too have a life to live and they don't live to serve and lead you all the time. Sometimes they want to do mistakes just to prove to us that they also are humans that are imperfectly created. Therefore my friends, never expect them to be perfect. If they can't do certain things that we hope they can successfully do, then review and consider that perhaps its not their fault they fail, but its our fault that we hope extraordinarily high on those people. Poor them. Sometimes these people feel the urge to let themselves suffer as long they don't dissapoint others who's hoping on them. Do not be heartless. Think and try to feel these people feelings. They too, want to have fun. Especially leaders. Either prefects or yadayada. Leaders are the ones who always experience this kind of torture. Give them space. Do not punish them for making mistakes and for falling. They,too, are just like us. If we can do mistakes, if we can fall over and over again, then why can't they? Ofc, because they choose to lead. It's their choice, really. And if they really choose to lead then they must have been good in leading themselves to lessen the amount of fall. Not to avoid falling but to LESSEN the sums. The conclusion is here is to be kind and do not expect much from someone. Or you might find yourself bleedly hurt.

Reversely, hopes can do goods too. In cases in which some of us refuse to look up anymore, refuse to appreciate what we have and refuse to enjoy this very life, then hopes can bring miracles. Hopes can make them smile and live. Never give up hopes. Keep on hoping. 

Haii, I'm Qistina Syasya. Turning sixteen soon.
I can't believe I've lived for fifteen years and yet
had nothing to be proud of yet.
I'm making my history.
What about you,pal?
Come and join me :')
Good luck in YOUR life,

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