Saturday, October 15, 2011

mati kutu

bapak ah dah berkurun tak update --"
sumpah lah nyesal tak balik KL outing nih.
bosan tahap gila babun tautau.
So, Yeeaaayyy.
PMR is damn over. No more exams, fr now at least. Guess thts enough of studying fr 2011. tak rasa ke ?
I'm thinking the pressure is too much fr 144 of us to bear now. We're just some 15teen yrs tht supposedly be havin fun of the-just-over-giant-exam, but we're not allowed to. Like, WHAT THE HELL man. fineee,if thts life tht we'll deal with it.

AinaAzmi, regarding yr latest post, i'll just say tht i agree with you. Before PMR and after PMR gonna bring A LOT of changes. Changes yg mmg taboleh dielakkan,kot. Haha. yang kita semua kena endure the pain and the hurt. And keep all the tears. cause changes are.just.gonna.happen. it's unavoidable.
isokay,we'll toughen up to face them,ait? changes on things around us, changes of ppl's hope and dreams on us, changes in friendships, changes in ourselves too :'(

My perspective is, to be a forth-former aint gonna be easykacang. From wht i see and learn, there'll be bulks and heaps of challenges. From people all around. The hopes and the blame, it's all is a sure thing lah weh.
Hope the bond ain't shattering to pieces :)

Till then, boiboiii

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