Thursday, August 25, 2011

yes yes yes.
Jejak juga kaki kat tanah Shah Alam nih.
InsyaAllah this year's raya gonna be
something meaningful.
I dont know,
somehow I'm gonna make a change.
Yet, I hadnt figure out in what aspect.
I'm thinking of spiritual.
To strengthen my determination
of getting rid those useless brats outta my life.
To be passionately in love with books, especially history (?)
To be positively behaved.
Tighten the sisterly bond between friends.
True to my own self
And plus learn anger management.
Reduce annoyance?
Kih kih.
All, insyaAllah will be accomplished before raya.
erk, possible ke?
InsyaAllah (:

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Sheera H said...

Qisyaaaa :) In shah alam now? Heheh