Saturday, August 27, 2011

Slipped by

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heyya. so, things changed a bit around here huh?
I guess things never stop changing.
Exactly, includes peeps. people. us. you. me. mankinds.
I hdnt been living thaat long to make my own conclusion
of life.
But, after hving 15 yrs living,I guess I had my own opinion.
Eventhough 15years is nothing.
15 Years flew. Just like that.
There are times when you can't even remember
what you've done in yr life.
How you spend your life.
It's common.
And it's not something extraordinary for people to change too.
With every obstacles we went through,
we tend to be a better person.
Without us being aware,
this changes that we want, somehow
affected those around us.
We cant help it, but to fulfill our own desire.
And so, there's our friends out there whom are
being hurt.
Sometimes I wish for the time to stop.


I want to take a deep breath and value my life
To look back for a while.
To see my mistakes and my faults
To savour my achievements,
To feel those happy moments again
And to be with them who's gone forever.
I want to know what I've done in my life
If its something worth it
Or if it's regretable.
Then, I would never ever repeat the same'o mistakes.
Only then we can be a better person.
By learning from mistakes.
By standing up after a devastating falldown.
By smiling after you wept dramatically
And also there would be times you're feeling
innocent and hopeful.
There'll be times when you feel so empty and lifeless.
When you feel so dissapointed with yourself
that you want to flush yourself.
And, when those times come,
take a deep breath and let it go.
Let bygones be bygones.
Walk with whoever you trust.
hold her hands and walk away from yr mistakes.
It's cool to have a meltdown.
But only for a couple of minutes.
Or else, you're missing your own history :)

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